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About SKS Indigenous

We identify the essential
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Delivering Technologies, Delivering Opportunity

We are driven by a passion and vision of a more equitable Australia and Indigenous economic independence and prosperity.

We provide an opportunity for Indigenous Australians to gain an education and develop skills and qualifications through employment and commercial activity.

We launched in 2022 as a partnership between Chris Johnson and SKS Technologies Group Ltd. We have combined Chris’s proven knowledge in Indigenous recruitment and employment with his strong connections within and across Indigenous communities, with SKS Technologies’ commercial empowerment through our long-standing expertise in delivering Technology solutions across Audio Visual/IT, Electrical and Communication Networking solutions nationally. Together we provide a full end to end technology solution that connects our government and private sector clients. 

Across our network of seven state and territory locations, the way we fulfill and promote Indigenous engagement and deliver projects successfully for our clients remains the same. It is only possible through internal and external education and having a strong focus and passion for respect and awareness.

As a profit-for-purpose business, we work with key industry bodies to help close the gap through education and employment opportunities. We have set a minimum target for our overall Indigenous employment throughout the SKS Technologies Group to exceed the national Indigenous percentage of the total Australian population. We also have a commitment to procure products and services from Indigenous companies.